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  • About Honkytonk Prison

    Honkytonk Prison was formed in 2010 by a bunch of bicycle-riding, good-for-nothin' kids with nothing better to do than sit around a living room drinking beer and reminiscing about things that happened before most of them were even born. Freakin' hipsters.

    HTP sings "Golden Country" hits, mostly from the 60's and 70's. It's the kind of stuff they used to play in smoky steak diners and Elk's Lodges. Some originals are creapin' into the set list as well. We all play ukulele, except Norman, but if you find a ukeaccordion please let us know.

    Active Members: Amos Hunter, Caroline Zavitkovski, Chelsea Kline, Esther Harlow, Timo Forsberg, Norman Buccola, and Vivian Yuan.

    Past/Hiatus members: Ken Southerland, Andrew Kraus, and Nickey Robare.